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New business opportunities in WILCOX COUNTY!  1 - Southern Seafood and Steakhouse offering a successful business in a remodeled building - all the cooking equipment, menus, tables, chairs, computer systems, inventory, bar equipment.....$95,000.   2- ALSO, a commercial building is for sale downtown with active leases from State Farm (guaranteed for 18 months @ $1000/month), Attorney office ($600/month), and storage (rented at $175/month).  3- NOT TO MENTION another office building in the heart of downtown Camden with 2 entrances, 2 lobbies, and NUMEROUS office spaces!!!   4- AND EVEN an 11.5 acre parcel on the CAMDEN BYPASS/ ALHwy10 offered for $132,500 - with access to Legion Road, making the back acreage great for townhouses or much needed climate controlled buildings!!!!
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Lake Dannelly

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Wilcox County - Camden, AL - Lake Dannelly

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